The Dina Adapter

What is a Dina Adapter?
  • The Dina Adapter is an insert for your shotgun which allows you to shoot rifle ammo.
How does a Dina Adapter work?
  • Our adapters are the same size and shape as a traditional shotgun round. They can be inserted into any shotgun and can even fill a magazine. Before loading, insert the appropriate ammo into the Dina Adapter. We have fitted our adapters with an o-ring to ensure your ammo stays in place. Once loaded into your shotgun, your ready to go. The Dina Adapter is rifled for accuracy, lightweight, and a lot of fun to use!
What are they made of?
  • They are manufactured using solid aluminum. We chose this metal for its light weight and affordability compared to steel.
Are they durable?
  • Yes! Though our adapters are made of aluminum, they can withstand typical usage. Through testing, we have found our adapters can shoot on average 100+ rounds before losing accuracy. After this, you may experience some loss of accuracy due to wear on the rifling.
Where are they manufactured?
  • We manufacture each of our adapters by hand in the USA. Our small family business has been selling Dina Adapters since 1985.